LyraLight 250

LyraLight 250 System   Features
 • Single beam operation (flying optics or galvanometer) controlled by PC Graphic Interface
 • Cutting / Marking area: 1300mm x 2500mm (51" x 98")
 • 2-axis simultaneous control using belt drive

 • Roll unwind / rewind
 • Optional laser power

The LyraLight 250 standard gantry/galvo system offers both galvanometer and flying optics. It is manufactured with a 150 watt laser and working area of 1300mm x 2500mm (51" x 98").

The galvanometer offers high speed marking, scoring and cutting of thin materials, while flying optics allws processing of thicker stock. Combining both galvo and flying optics can reduce setups and increase throughput.

Laser power 150 watt: 10.6 micron CO2 industrial air cooled sealed laser package operates within a 5-150 watt power range and features an open loop power stability of +/- 3%.

LyraLight 250 Specifications
Framework & Positioning
Rigid steel weldment used to support laser and beam delivery
2-axis galvanometer standard 205mm field of view
PGL Software Customer supplied PC (Windows XP)
File formats supported: AI, PLT, DXF, and BMP graphic file formats
USB 2.0 & Ethernet ports to communicate with software
Machine Control Center 5 inch LCD display screen
Colored layers to define processing sequence & power settings
Image editing options: Scale, Array, Rotate, Mirror and Offset
System Footprint W: 2650mm, D: 2140mm, H: 1530mm (104" x 84" x 60")
Cutting Area 1300mm x 2500mm (51" x 98")

Site Requirements
Temperature 16°C - 27°C (60°F - 80°F)
Humidity controlled
Exhaust System Contact PGL for recommendation
Operating System Windows XP
Power Requirements 220 Volt, 60 Hertz,
1 Phase, 20 Amps




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